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There’s no shortage of cooking apps to give you a helping hand in the kitchen. Paprika Recipe Manager, one of the category’s best options, offers recipe and grocery-managing tools that make it a fantastic mobile companion app for rigorous home cooks and casual kitchen dabblers alike. Paprika doesn’t pretend to be anything other than an incredibly well-designed recipe organizer that delivers text-based cooking directions, so don’t expect video content or recipe recommendations. That said, the recipe manager doesn’t need much else. Paprika includes a top-notch pantry system, highly customizable recipes and lists, and other excellent features that make the $4.99 kitchen tool our Editors’ Choice pick for cooking apps.

Getting Started With Paprika

Paprika is available on the Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows platforms as a free app, but you can purchase it for $4.99 to unlock Paprika Cloud Sync (to carry recipes and lists across devices) and the ability to save unlimited recipes (otherwise you’re limited to just 50). If you own Paprika on iOS, Family Sharing lets you use the app on five other iOS devices, including iPad and Apple Watch (Android and Windows lack this feature).

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Upon firing up Paprika, the app suggests purchasing the much more expensive desktop version ($29.99). It’s a nice idea, but requiring separate purchases for different platforms is bothersome and pricey. After you make or decline that desktop app purchase, you’re dropped right into the app to start your recipe hoarding. Paprika is a one-time purchase; with BigOven ($2.99 per month), Chefling ($4.99 per month), SideChef ($4.99 per month), or Yummly ($4.99 per month), you’ll need a subscription to get the most out of those services.

Paprika isn’t quite as handsome as the image-focused Yummly and Big Oven, but it is by no means unattractive. It uses a white background with red highlights for its toolbar and special icons. The Browser page, your first stop when using Paprika, features an explanation of the app’s processing engine, a guide for how to download recipes, and a list of recommended recipe websites. This page in particular could use some cleaning up, as there’s too much text cluttering the screen and distracting from the browser bar. Its other categories, which include the Recipes, Groceries, Pantry, Meals, Menus, and Settings tabs, are all much cleaner and easier on the eyes.

Grabbing Recipes

Paprika lacks preference options and recipe suggestions. Instead, it offers an in-app, Google-powered browser to use to search for whatever recipe tickles your fancy. This is an impersonal approach compared to Yummly, Chefling, or BigOven’s curated experiences that use AI and semantic search engines to power their suggestions. Paprika integrates Google search directly into the app, letting you browse and select recipes at your discretion.

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