No-Cook Recipes to Make During a Heat Wave – The New York Times

Without a doubt, humanity advanced leaps and bounds once it became clear that cooking over fire equaled better food. But sometimes, it’s just too hot or the day’s too long to even consider turning on an oven or stove. Luckily, plenty of recipes require no heat (or very, very little) and are just as flavorful and satisfying as their cooked counterparts. Here are 19 spectacular meals for those days during a heat wave — or when cooking just isn’t on the menu.<…….


Kung Pao, the Easiest, Most Adaptable Recipe – The New York Times

A steaming plate of kung pao anything feels like the part of a fireworks show when small, bright bursts pop without deafening booms. Surprising but not jolting, it’s a dish filled with beats of excitement: You don’t know when they’re coming, but they’re always welcome.

With kung pao, that likable little thrill comes from the sauce’s flashes of chile heat in a glossy swirl of salty, sour and sweet that coats stir-fried chi…….


Ravinder Bhogal’s recipes for cooking with peaches – The Guardian

If you luck out with a peach that is rosy, unblemished and ripe, sink your teeth into it and enjoy its sublime sweetness immediately, without any adornment. There is little you can add to a perfect peach to improve its unrestrained juiciness, fragrant perfume and luscious flesh, but peachy perfection in the UK is a rarity, because imported fruit is generally picked before it’s ripe, to prevent bruising. For those pesky peaches that refuse to soften, apply heat: griddling,…….


TikTok’s brownie recipe comment, explained – Mashable

A strange, recent side effect of spending too much time on TikTok: Learning how to make brownies. That’s because users are spamming comment sections on videos with a brownie recipe. And the thing is, it’s not exactly clear why people are doing, just that they are.

Sometimes trends are trends just copycatting, and that seems to be what we’re working with here. It’s just annoying to do, so people are doing it. Things can be that simple.

Anyway here’s the recipe, or, more exactly, …….


Paprika Recipe Manager Review – PCMag

There’s no shortage of cooking apps to give you a helping hand in the kitchen. Paprika Recipe Manager, one of the category’s best options, offers recipe and grocery-managing tools that make it a fantastic mobile companion app for rigorous home cooks and casual kitchen dabblers alike. Paprika doesn’t pretend to be anything other than an incredibly well-designed recipe organizer that delivers text-based cooking directions, so don’t expect video content or recipe recommendations. That said, th…….


Julie Sahni’s Matar Paneer Recipe Is an Enduring Classic – Eater

Published in 1980, Julie Sahni’s Classic Indian Cooking was responsible for introducing many Americans to Indian cooking. At over 500 pages, it’s a testament to Sahni’s thoroughness, care, and tenacity: She famously tested its recipes for seven years before allowing the book to be published.

Over four decades later, Sahni’s legendary work is still inspiring home cooks and chefs alike, and for good reason: along with its prodigious collection of recip…….


Five easy dinner recipes you can make in under 30 minutes – The Independent

We have recipe recommendations this week, as always.

Look at Ali Slagle’s beans and greens alla vodka, which – as the name implies – swaps in kale and beans for the pasta, or Eric Kim’s traybake bibimbap, another brilliant take on a beloved dish.

More ideas are below.

Beans and greens alla vodka

Pasta alla vodka is a classic because each ingredient works together beautifully: the heat of the red-pepper flakes and vodka, the sweetness of the tomato and …….